A new self-service car wash "Spa car Varaždin" opened in Lumini Center

Company Zvonarek sistemi d.o.o. opened a new car wash system on the right side of the parking lot of the Lumini Center. This is a new, modern self-service car wash systen from the future series, which has  a special design and improved washing performance.

Car wash system "Spa car Varaždin" includes 6 car washing stations, 5 of which are closed and one open space for large vehicles. Also, in order to provide full service to customers, the self-service vacuum cleaners for interior cleaning are also offered. Brush with active foam, especially strong cleaning effect with intense foaming, is a new feature offered in car wash system "Spa car Varaždin".

When you wash, self-service car wash uses a combination of tools that gives top wash results. There are three washing programs available: shampoo wash, wax wash and osmosis wash. Autopraonica "Spa car Varaždin" has been modernized with an electronic coin-box with the possibility of receiving coins or coins of 1, 2 or 5 kuna. The refrigerator has a display on which you can read the remaining washing time or the remaining amount of money, 360º rotating hand with a quick inox coupler, nozzles made of stainless steel with plastic handles and ceramic inserts. Each box is equipped with a nozzle holder and instructions for how to use car wash and warning measures.